About Us

Welcome to JT 423 Design Studio, previously known as Jazzy Jewelz. I am deeply passionate about creativity and turning visions into reality. In 2014, after experiencing a heart-wrenching loss on January 22, 2014, of my firstborn, "Jazz," born on 4/23/93, I founded this crafting business as a way to cope with the grief. Jazzy Jewelz emerged as an outlet for my God-given creativity, starting with embellishing items like shoes and t-shirts. As demand grew, my creativity flourished, leading me to create custom pieces. Fast forward to another loss on February 24, 2024, of my son, the "MISUNDERSTOOD" child, Tyrese, born on 4/2. Unable to return to work immediately, I leaned on my faith in God to bless my business abundantly. Inspired by my children, Jazz and Tyrese, and their birthdate 423, I received a vision for my new logo and JT423 Design Studio. I firmly believe that by putting your trust in God and prioritizing Him, He will provide. Through trusting God, I am turning pain into profit and embracing the motto "Pain into profit" from my cousin's brand, OJ. To those experiencing the loss of a loved one, remember that God only assigns the toughest battles to His strongest warriors. Pain is temporary, so rise above it, empower yourself, stay connected to prayer, and savor life. Step into my online store and discover inspiration through my creative pieces. Browse through and make a statement with a bold fashion choice by expressing your creativity or emotions through a simple t-shirt. Allow me to introduce my latest brand/collection, "MISUNDERSTOOD," designed for those who feel unseen and wish to convey their unique perspectives and emotions. The collection offers exclusive Misunderstood-themed designs not commonly found elsewhere, providing customers with a distinctive shopping experience. Happy shopping!

With love, CEO Shonda Moncrease.